Abus Armored Cable Combination Lock Review

Abus Armored Cable Combination Lock

Abus Armored Cable Combination Lock

The Abus Armored Cable Combination Lock was designed and is built to keeping your bike safe so you can have access to it when you need it. This lock is made of overlapping steel shells that protect the inner steel cable which has a diameter of 0.8”.  It has a total length of 33.5”. The outer steel shells are made from special harden steel to resist cutting and sawing. The outer covering is made of a water resistant polymer to help protect the steel from weathering.

The locking mechanism of this Abus Armored Cable Combination Lock looks similar to simple bike locks used by many school children, but with design improvements it cannot be manipulated so a theft has no chance of determining the combination by twisting or pulling the lock. The numerical digits are made large so reading them. The indexes are made of two components so they will pass the test of time. They are imprinted in white with a black background so they are easy to read even with a diminishing light source. The code of this locking mechanism can also be changed and set by the owner. The changing of this pin number can be done as often as you think you need.

What many users of this bike lock appreciate is that it securely immobilized the use of their bike while still being very flexible so storage and placement on the bike is easy.  Click Here for More Abus Armored Cable Combination Lock Reviews or to See Pricing.

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