Abus Tresor Chain Combination Lock

Abus Tressor Chain Combination Lock

Abus Tresor Chain Combination Lock

The Abus Tresor Chain Combination Lock is a quarter inch square chain bike lock that is made by a German security company that specializes in helping other to keep their person powered vehicles safe from would be thieves. The chain is then covered with a quarter inch layer of fabric so the finish on your bike will never be damaged by it when it is in use. The chain is constructed from special hardened steel that resist cutting, sawing and twisting by want to be thieves.  The bike lock has an overall length of 33 ½”. Its total weight is 2 ½ pounds.

The locking mechanism is made from an advanced 2 component molded design that help to give the digits a long life. Unlike other chain locks, this one cannot be manipulated into revealing the combination. No matter how much the thief twists and turns this lock, it will always appear to be solid.  The rating of this bike lock’s security is for medium theft risk areas.

The transportation of this ABUS lock can be accomplished by wrapping the chain around the frame. There is also a carrying pouch that can be used and mounted to the frame or it can be placed in the pocket or on the shoulder of the rider.

The long length of the Abus Tresor Chain Combination Lock allows for the rider to easily place the bike lock around a fixed object and the bike to protect it. Click Here for More Abus Tresor Chain Combination Lock Reviews or to See Pricing.

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