Affordable Commuter Bikes for Under $1,000

I was recently reading an article about transport/commuter bikes that are reasonably priced, and it got me started making a list of reasonably priced commuter bikes.  When you visit many web sites or forums many people seem to steer you to bikes costing over $1,000, however there are plenty of decent commuter bikes available below $1,000 — as shown in my list of affordable commuter bicycles below.

In making my list, I’m assuming most folks will want a reasonable number of gears (at least 7 or 8), a chain guard and fenders to stay clean, and a bit more of an upright riding position.  While it’s true that you can commute on any type of bike, I think those items are important to many people.  So, here’s my list of affordable commuter bicycles under $1,000.

So there you have it, the best commuter bicycles under $900 — and many of them are under $500.  So, you certainly don’t have to spend over $1,000 to get affordable commuter bikes and start enjoying the gasoline savings and health benefits of commuting to work by bicycle.

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8 comments to Affordable Commuter Bikes for Under $1,000

  • Jeff Crane

    An Electra Townie Euro 8i, 8D, or 24D are all priced below $1000. They come with a dynamo front hub and matching very bright headlight, fenders, a tailight and rear rack. I own the model from a few years ago, the Townie 8i 700C, C for commuter. Aluminum frame, high quality Shamano components, and the Townie’s super comfortable riding position to boot. It is a great bike for commuting. I prefer the Nexxus hub, it is basically trouble free. The only thing i wear out are the tires.

    Jeff Crane

  • admin

    Hi Jeff, thanks for the comment! I’ve been wanting to ride the Townie Euro 8i — seems many people like the Internally Geared Hub for commuting. I have a question for you: how do you like the 700c tires tires on it? Do you need to pump them every day?

    One nice thing about the Townie 7d I rode recently is that it has the low pressure 26 inch tires, so you might be able to go a week without pumping. Not that pumping tires is a big deal, but if you were running late for work it would be nice to be able to skip a day!


  • Hello Rob;
    I don’t find that the tires leak out so badly no. I air them up maybe once a week at most. I have changed both tubes in them however, because they are cheap enough and when i get a flat, having new tubes in my workshop at home, i just change them out rather than run on a patched tube for any more than necessary.
    Yes the Nexxus hub is great for me for a few reasons. First and foremost, it vastly reduces maintenance hassles, for obvious reasons. It is also far more reliable in the long run, they do not wear out easily, the cable being the weak link in the gearing system. Also, I think it ends up looking better myself, and it is sort of stealthy to have 8 speeds in your hub, and the average rider has no idea what that is all about.
    The genius of the Electra Townie’s basic geometry, riding position so infinitely adjustable, the super light weight yet strongly built aluminum frame; it all adds up to a very happy customer. I speant a lot of money to purchase this bike, and a few years later I do not regret it.


  • Michael

    Torker has several models that would work as a commuter, but the Graduate is specifically designed as one.

  • admin

    Hi Michael, thanks for your comment! Yes, the graduate does look like it could be a good commuter bike — I haven’t had the chance to see one in person yet, but I should be reviewing one of their 2011 models soon.


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  • Good suggestions for beginning cyclists. I have a couple of questions though.

    To Jeff – how far do you commute on your Townie? I love the look of the Electra bikes, but except for the Ticino and to some extent the Amsterdam series, I find that their foot-forward cruiser-style geometry makes them useful as cruiser bikes but not as commuter bikes. Too sluggish for rides longer than a couple of miles. And keep in mind that I ride a Dutch bike so I’m not a speed-demon/long-distance city rider type by any means. As a tall woman, it might be that my main problem with the Electra bikes is that they don’t make any step-through (aka “womens”) frames large enough for taller women. I’ve done test rides on their bikes and I felt like I was on a kid’s bike.

    Another bike I would suggest as a nice commuter bike would be the Manhattan Green. It’s a steel-frame bike – I am biased in favor of steel frames – upright, partially enclosed gears, rear rack, etc. I know a few people who ride them in the city, though again, the womens frame does not come tall enough for me or a few other tall women I know. The mens frame does come in larger sizes though. Some people might not like the coaster brake for city riding though.

  • admin

    Thanks Ms. Ding for your comments. Every rider is different, but for me the Townie was plenty fast for most applications (I was passing most other riders I encountered) — though if you had a hilly commute where you stand up to peddle a lot, I could see that as sub-optimal.

    Thanks for suggesting the Manhattan Green, I haven’t seen it before. Do you know about how much they sell for — I didn’t find pricing online.


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