Allen MT-2 Folding Compact Bike Rack Review

Allen MT-2 Folding Compact Bike Rack

Allen MT-2 Folding Compact Bike Rack

The Allen MT-2 Folding Compact Bike Rack is a light weight option for helping to transport your bicycles when they are needed to be moved a long distance. The shipping weight of this rack is only 7.85 lbs. At that weight nearly anyone can hold it up and mount it on the trunk of a car or the rear of a minivan. The size of this bike rack is 22” long, 15” wide and has a height of 12”. It has a total load capacity of 70 lbs.

The Allen MT-2 has 3 anchor straps to securely mount the rack to a vehicle. 2 are on top with a central one on the bottom to secure the mounting to a vehicle. There are also 4 contact points for the carrier to have with the vehicle. These are covered with scratch resistant pads to help protect the finish of the vehicle where the bike rack is mounted.

The bike rack is fully assembled when it is purchased. The arms of the rack fold so it will take of little space when being stored.  By just swinging the arms out to their ready position, locking pins will be activated to hold them in place while the rack is in use.  This way the rack and the bikes it is holding will always stay clear of the vehicle used for transportation. Click Here for More Allen MT-2 Folding Compact Bike Rack Reviews or to See Pricing.

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