Beginner Cycling Articles Roundup Volume 2

Recently Cycling for Beginners published our first Beginner Cycling Articles Roundup, a collection of blog articles on cycling from various cycling blogs that we thought would be helpful for beginner cyclists.  Many people told us that they liked that idea, so we thought we’re happy to again present a variety of cycling articles we’ve read recently that we believe cycling beginners will find interesting:

1.  Need some inspiration to ride?  Check out one rider’s list of the Top Ten Reasons Why I Ride at City Girl Rides.

2.  Have some people made you believe that cycling is too risky?  The Springield Cyclist give us some perspective in What Are the Odds?

3.  Make your odds even better by learning A Simple Way to Avoid ‘Dooring’ Cyclists at Ecominima.

4.  Thinking of ditching your car?  See these 12 Cool Urban Bicycles Ready to Replace Your Car on the Mother Nature Network.

5.  Want to learn more about riding road bikes in a group?  Check out Positioning Yourself in the Peloton by Cycling Tips.

6.  Thinking of going on a bicycle tour?  Learn How to Find the Perfect Touring Bicycle from Adventure Cycling.

7.  Does the water in your bottle taste funky?  Learn the right way How to Clean your Water Bottle from Cycling Chat.

8.  Take the kids along for the ride and Use a Bike Trailer to Share Cycling with the Family by Bike Noob.

9.  Don’t have a lot of time for chain maintenance?  Here’s Your 10-Minute Clean-N-Lube routine from Bicycling Magazine.

10.  And speaking of maintenance, as you keep learning new maintenance skills, you’ll start to realize that having a bike repair stand can free up a hand (or two); so check out Bike198‘s Oddball Tips for Buying a Good Bike Repair Stand.

We hope that you found these cycling blog articles as interesting and informative as we did.  Please leave a comment below to let us know what kinds of cycling articles that you would be interested in reading more of in the future! You can also provide input on the Cycling for Beginners Facebook Page.

Other cycling articles of interest:

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