Beginner Cycling Articles Roundup Volume 3

Cycling for Beginners started publishing our Beginner Cycling Articles Roundup earlier this year.  Our roundup is a collection of cycling blog articles that we believe will be helpful for beginner cyclists.

So, below you will find our latest collection of cycling articles that we’ve recently read that we think cycling beginners will find interesting.  Happy reading!

1.  We’ll start off with a great guide on How To Start Cycling from LondonCyclist.

2.  There are lots of articles about locking your bike outdoors, but shared spaces in apartments, dorms and offices can also have security risks.  Check out Indoor Bike Security from Cyclelicious for some good ideas.

3.  We won’t often list a roundup in our roundup, but if you are thinking about trying a bicycle tour there’s too much good information in this Tour Planning Trip Roundup from the Adventure Cycling Association to pass up.

4.  All beginner cyclists should understand the importance of staying hydrated, so check out the advice about Water On Long Rides provided by Loving the Bike.

5.  It is very important to have a bicycle that fits you well.  However, a professional bike fit can cost a bit of money.  Cycling Tips Blog addresses the question: Bike Fit — Is It Worth It?

6.  If you’re thinking about buying a mountain bike, you may have noticed that there are two main tire sizes available (26 and 29 inches).  If you are wondering which size is right for you, this article by Bike198 can help: Ending the Debate: 29er vs. 26″ Mountain Bike.

7.  Do you or a loved one have safety concerns about cycling that keep you or them from riding?  If so, you should definitely read The Safety Myth by The Lazy Randonneur.

8.  And to end on a fun note, People Powered instructs us on How Not to Fix a Puncture.

We hope that you found these blog articles on cycling interesting and informative.  If you are a cycling blogger and want to suggest one of your articles for our next Roundup, please submit the article URL in the comment form below! Readers can also provide input on the Cycling for Beginners Facebook Page.

Other cycling articles of interest:

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