Beginner Cycling Articles Roundup

Here at Cycling for Beginners we always enjoy reading other blog articles on cycling that are helpful for beginner cyclists.

So, here’s a collection of fairly recent cycling articles that we believe cycling beginners will find useful:

1.  For those interested in transportation-oriented bicycles, Dutch bicycles are pretty popular.  Check out Anatomy of a Dutch Bicycle at The Urban Country.

2.  Been getting your bike dirty lately?  If so, check out Cleaning Your Mountain Bike After a Muddy Ride from Bike198.

3.  Here’s a basic repair that scares some cycling newbies, but which is really easy to do yourself: Rear Derailleur Adjustments from Adventure Cycling.

4.  Trying to lose a few pounds?  If so you’ll want to read the Cycling For Optimal Weight HOT LIST at Loving The Bike.

5.  Of course, as your bike’s connection to the ground, tires are crucial — so check out Are Your Tires Over Inflated? at Bicycle Lab.

6.  Need to carry stuff on your bike?  Check out Bags for Bikes at Bikes For The Rest Of Us.

7.  Not sure what to wear for winter bicycle riding?  Take a look at How To Dress For Cold Weather at Commute By Bike.

8.  A tender subject, but important: Saddle Sores – A Pain In The Arse by Cycling Tips.

9.  Ready to boost your performance?  If so, see 10 Steps for Better Cycling Performance in 2011 by Training4Cyclists.

10.  And to end on a fun note, here’s a one-sentence post (with a great photo) that tells you Everything You Need To Know About Bike Commuting at EcoVelo.

We hope that you found these cycling blog articles as interesting and informative as we did.  Please leave a comment below to let us know what kinds of cycling articles that you would be interested in reading more of in the future! You can also provide input on the Cycling for Beginners Facebook Page.

Other cycling articles of interest:

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