Bicycle Insurance for Beginners

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When we buy a bicycle, we take all precautions to keep the same safe and secured by riding the same in lanes that are meant for riding bicycles and other necessary precautions against theft and robbery. But then none of these ways can be called as completely adequate way as there is some loophole or the other in all of them. One way that can provide you with a fool proof solution to protecting your bicycle is by getting the same insured. This insurance is a must for beginners as when you just start riding a bicycle there are more chances of getting into accidents as one is still learning how to ride the same with utmost care and precision. Thus apart from being an additional thing to secure your bicycle, it is also one of the most important steps that a beginner should take while buying a bicycle.

At the same time, the bicycle insurance is no more a small market but it has quite a decent presence today. There are people who are buying expensive bicycles that cost them thousands of dollars, so it comes pertinent to get the same insured before taking the bicycle on the road. There are quite a lot of companies today that are providing with first timers and also others with good insurance that is specifically designed for bicycles. Protect Your Bubble being one of the reputed brands in this field offers easy and affordable bicycle insurance allowing the riders to ride their bicycles tension free.

Various kinds of insurance that a beginner can look at getting for his or her bicycle are:

Insurance against damage or theft

One important aspect of getting this insurance is a lot of time we are not present at the place where our bicycles are parked. There are insurance companies who might not provide and entertain a claim in which say the bicycle was stolen from a park or from the neighborhood store while you were not physically present. Thus getting a specific insurance policy which covers everything is desirable. At the same time, one should check if their home or content insurance covers bicycles or not. If it doesn’t then it is advisable to get it covered by paying some extra money.

Travel Insurance

This is another important insurance policy that has become quite popular these days. People, when go out on holidays or are traveling tend to get a travel insurance that would cover them. Bicycle insurance can be made a part of the same if the same is not already covered by the policy.

Public Liabilities

Now, this is a very important kind of insurance policy as it covers the bicycle rider when they are involved in an accident with another pedestrian, or a vehicle. The insurance policy might cover just the physical injuries or the financial aspects or in some cases both.


There are various benefits of getting a bicycle insurance done as it always helps to be riding your bicycle with a peace of mind or just parking the same in a park or any other place without having to worry about the safety of the same. Thus, for beginners this is definitely an important aspect.

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