Blackburn AirTower 2 Bicycle Pump Review

Blackburn AirTower 2 Bicycle Pump

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The Blackburn AirTower 2 Bicycle Pump is an upgrade from the previous air pumps manufactured by Blackburn. The solid stamped steel base is welded to the pumps barrel for maximum security. By being constructed in this fashion, the user will never have that wobble effect found with most air pumps. This structural fact also helps to give this air pump a long and reliable lifespan.

The Blackburn AirTower 2 is equipped with a AnyValve head that has a two stage locking mechanism. This device automatically detects which type of valve you have on your bicycle. It can correctly decide if you have a Presta or Schrader valve so a tight seal can be formed.

The handle is an ergonomic shaped T bar which makes it more comfortable for the use to pump air into their tire than most old fashioned tire pumps. Both ends of the handle are accessible so a valve stem can be stored in each side.

A dial gauge uses a reliable and accurate diaphragm style to read the pressure of the tire. It is placed at the base of the pump facing up so the user will know just what pressure is in the tire during the pumping process.

The pump stands 26” in height with an attached air hose length of 35”. The total weight of the air pump is 3.5 pounds.  The volume per stroke is .315 L. Click Here for More Blackburn AirTower 2 Bicycle Pump Reviews or To See Prices.

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