Blackburn Click Bike Light Combo Review

Blackburn Click Bike Light Combo

Blackburn Click Bike Light Combo

For riding at night the Blackburn Click Bike Light Combo will help light the road up for you and make it possible for others to see you.

Both lights make use of the latest LED lighting systems. Each one has two bulbs for increased illumination. The maximum lumens are 15 from the clear lens. The front has a clear lens and the back is red, the bulbs are clear. The lenses are made to magnify the light the LEDs generate. The lights are turned on by depressing the lens.

Both the front and back light assemblies are easy to mount into place. The front easily clamps to the handlebars and the rear light attaches under the seat. This is done by hand and no tools are required.

The power supply is from a non-integrated system. This makes it possible to simply replace the batteries, which are CR2032 for both the front and rear light assemblies. Only one per unit is required.

The lights have two modes in which they operate. There is the flashing lights mode that has a battery life of up to 140 hours. There is also the steady light mode in which the battery will last up to 70 hours.

The total weight of the units is 0.24 pounds. The material the lights are made out of high grade polymer. This helps to make them impact resistant with a long operational life. Click Here for More Blackburn Click Bike Light Combo Reviews or to See Pricing.

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