Brooks B17 Bicycle Saddle Preliminary Review

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For the classic cyclist who wants something that has modern day workmanship and technology but will look authentic to the golden days of bicycling, nothing beats a Brooks.  The Brooks B17 saddle is a real beauty, showcasing both form and function and fitting any classic ride with style.

The all-leather cover, brass rivets, nicely hidden tension adjuster, and broken-in feel make for a beautiful saddle that is a wonder to sit on.  Added to any bicycle, the Brooks B17 bicycle saddle is a real show stopper.

The Brooks B17 standard saddle is 6-3/4 inches in width, the standard size for seats (hence the name), and is great for long distance trekking, commuting, or just generally tooling around to enjoy the day.

The shipping weight of the Brooks B17 bike saddle is four pounds, but it’s only about 518 grams installed.

If you’re looking to top off your luxury ride, to set off a classic road bike, or want to make your high-end bicycle look even classier, then the Brooks B17 saddle is the way to go.  Comes in classic brown or black leather with brass rivets and the Brooks logo embossed in its side.   Click Here for to read more Brooks B17 Reviews or To Buy.  We will be posting a follow-up Brooks B17 saddle review in the near future with more details about riding on the Brooks B17 seat.

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