Cannondale Quick 4 Review

So, you’d like a bike that was fast and nimble like a road bike, yet had more of a traditional upright riding position — instead of the more bent-over riding position and curved “drop” handlebars sported by modern road bikes and the “10 Speeds” of years ago.  Luckily, a lot of other people are in the same boat, and these days there are many bikes like this called a variety of names such as “hybrid bikes” (sometimes confusing with bikes with electric motors also), “fitness bikes” and “flat-bar road bikes”.  Bicycle manufacturer Cannondale has a line of bikes in the genre called the Cannondale Quick bicycle.  The Cannondale Quick comes in many different variations, but we’ll focus on the Cannondale Quick 4 — which, with its aluminum frame, carbon fork, and upgraded shifters, is a nice upgrade from the Quick 5 and Quick 6 models.  Here is my Cannondale Quick 4 review:

First, let’s discuss what the Quick 4 is not — this is not a “comfort bike”.  That’s not to say that the Quick 4 is uncomfortable, however if you are looking for a big cushy cruiser seat and suspension fork and seatpost to smooth out your ride, this is not the ride for you (that would be more of a “comfort bike”).  The Quick is much more of a “flat-bar road bike”, so like a sports car you feel the bumps in the road, but in return you get very nimble handling and the bike is (as its name implies) quick.  The saddle is contoured and padded, but it is more of a road bike seat for vigorous riding, so I would recommend wearing either bike shorts or padded liner shorts when riding.

The Quick 4 has three chain rings on the crank and 8 gears on the “cassette” of gears in the rear, so 24 “speeds” in all, plenty of gears to choose from to get you up the steepest hill.  Shifting is crisp with Shimano trigger shifters, which many people find smoother to ride than the grip-twist shifters of some bikes in this price range (around $600).  The 700×35 tires with a protective kevlar belt roll faster than mountain bike tires, but are still wider than most road bike tires, so you can do a bit of trail riding on them (but this bike’s real forte is on-pavement riding and fitness training).

The verdict: The Quick 4 is a good bike for those looking for a nimble, fast ride with a more upright riding position than a road bike.  It would be fine for fitness training, group road rides with your local club, some mild off-road excursions, and could make a good commuter bike.  The bike is also available in a Women’s Cannondale Quick 4 model with a frame that’s a bit easier to step over.  I hope you’ve found this Cannondale Quick review helpful.  Please post any questions or comments below.

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