CatEye Reflex Bicycle Taillight Review

CatEye Reflex Bicycle Taillight

CatEye Reflex Bicycle Taillight

The CatEye Reflex Bicycle Taillight is the automatic rear lighting system you can mount and forget since it will protect your blind side at all times for you. This rear light comes to life when ever darkness is detected or motion in the rear from an oncoming vehicle is noticed. This is accomplished with a sensitive sensor in its optical array of vision.

The CatEye light can be preset to 5 different modes. It can be set at constant, flashing, pulsing, rapid flashing or in the battery saving long life mode. The lens itself is specially designed so it can be seen at a 180 degree area of vision. The light itself is emitted from four 5 mm LEDs and one larger central LED. The power is from a twin set of AAA batteries. The constant and pulse modes have a battery life of up to 30 hours. The rapid flashing lasts up to 60 hours and the slower flashing mode can emit light for up to 100 hours. The extended long life mode has the ability to last 120 hours.

The light source of the CatEye is not your only protection. The lenses also has reflective characteristic so it can be seen even when not activated. This way you will never have to worry about being seen by anyone approaching you from the rear while on the road again. Click Here for More CatEye Reflex Bicycle Taillight Reviews or to See Pricing.


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