Cycling For Beginners Ranks in Top 20 Cycling Blogs

Cycling For Beginners

We are pleased to announce that Cycling For Beginners is now among the top twenty cycling blogs in the world as ranked by visitor traffic. According to recent research conducted by London Cyclist Blog, ranks as the 17th most visited cycling blog on the Internet based on web traffic data provided by Alexa.

Among the top 20 cycling blogs, Cycling For Beginners is somewhat unique in that its main focus on reviewing beginner and intermediate bicycles and accessories, and cycling tips for beginners. Other blogs in the top 20 include sites that focus on vintage bikes, cycling advocacy, fixed-gear culture, racing, touring, bicycle industry news and a couple of well known bike humorists. Cycling For Beginners is honored to be one of the few sites mainly dedicated to bicycle reviews to make the top 20, and we appreciate the support that we have received from our readers, the bike-blogging community, and the bicycle companies who have provided bikes for our review.

Cycling For Beginners is steadily growing our site, and we currently have several bikes in for long-term reviews, and more bicycles are on the way. We also have plans to increase our bicycle accessory reviews in the coming months. Readers and companies can also suggest cycling items for us to review by using our Contact Us page or submitting comments in the form below.

Cycling For Beginners would like to thank the London Cyclist Blog for their research. Be sure to pay them a visit and check out their recent review of iPhone Bike Mounts.

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