Dahon Speed D7 Review

Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike

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The Dahon Speed D7 folding bike is made for the person that needs a lightweight form of transportation.  This bike can be ridden to your destination and folded up in 15 seconds. The overall weight is 29.3 lbs but can be wheeled so not all of the weight has to be managed when it is in the folded configuration.

This is a 7 speed bike with 20 inch wheels and a Neos derailleur. The distance of the seat to the pedals can vary from 26.3” to 37”. The maximum suggested weight of the rider 230 lbs.

The frame of the D7 is a dropped forged chromo alloy. The hinge is lattice forged with vise grip technology to stay in the configuration it is set in. The hinge is placed on the frame so both wheels are next to each other when in the folded position for easy of moving.

The wheels are made of made of an alloy with sealed bearings. The spokes are an 18-8 GA stainless steel construction. The tires are 20” X 1.5” that has Kevlar in them to help prevent punctures on the road.

The shifter is placed in the ergonomic grip on the right side so your hands never have to leave the handlebars when needing to shift gears. Also on the handle bars are the brake levers connected to the V-brakes on both the front and back wheels. Click Here for More Dahon Speed D7 Reviews or To See Prices.

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