Interview with Darryl from Loving The Bike

Darryl from "Loving The Bike"

Cycling For Beginners is continuing our series featuring interviews with some of the cycling bloggers that we like to follow.  Today we’re interviewing Darryl from Loving The Bike.

Darryl lives in Austin, Texas, and he’s a cyclist, blogger, husband and father.  In addition to his blog,  you can also follow him on Twitter and find him serving as a professor on #bikeschool on Thursday nights (more on that below).

CFB: When did you start riding bicycles?

Darryl: From what I can remember, I have been riding a bike since I was very young.  As a kid I remember using my bike as a source of freedom and hitting the road with my friends.  As I got older, I used a bike for some general commuting and recreation…but it wasn’t until I was older that I fell in love with road cycling.

CFB: What kind of riding do you do these days?

Darryl: I am a road cyclist and do it mostly to keep in shape.  I love getting out there and working to become stronger and faster all the time.  I cycle as if I was training for competition, but I don’t generally take part in any racing.

CFB: How do you train to improve your riding?

Darryl: I ride year round now that I’m living in Austin, Texas.  When I first took up road cycling I was living in the Caribbean so I was able to ride year round.  Then we moved to Texas and I was able to ride for most of the season.  From there, we moved back to Canada and for the past three years I was forced to the trainer for a big chunk of the winter.  I couldn’t take it any longer and am now back in Texas and planning on being out on the road for as much of the year as possible.  Most of my training and conditioning comes from riding, but I also do some weights as well.

CFB: What is it about cycling that you find exciting these days?

Loving The Bike

Darryl: I love being out there on the road and doing what I can to be stronger and faster.  What I also love about cycling is the online cycling community that I’ve become a part of over the past year.  There are some amazing people and cyclists on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and other social media.  Through things like #bikeschool and my website, I’ve become friends with a lot of amazing people and I absolutely love it.  Of course, getting a new bike is always exciting and I am looking forward to many more of those events.

CFB: What advice would you give to a beginner cyclist who is just getting into (or getting back into) riding a bike?

Darryl: Good question.  My first recommendation would be for a new cyclist to take advantage of all the great information and content online.  There are so many great blogs that specialize in all areas of cycling, plus there is also information available on youtube, websites, and other areas as well.  We have also started a great resource called #bikeschool which is a Tweet Chat that happens on Twitter each and every Thursday night at 9PM EST.  Check it out at

CFB: Our thanks to Darryl for taking the time for this interview!  Be sure to check out his posts on Loving The Bike and take some notes at #bikeschool.

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