Delta Bicycle Strapless Toeclips Preliminary Review

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If you are using your bicycle to commute to work and want a bit more stability (especially when you need to stand up to pedal), then you  may want to consider the Delta commuter toe clips for bike pedals.  These allow you to wear your normal shoes but still have the security and stability that these strapless bike toeclips can provide.

Delta strapless bicycle pedal toe clips are very affordable, at only about $8 a pair, and are easily installed on most bikes.  They’re molded from unbreakable nylon, come with the necessary mounting hardware, and have a lifetime warranty on their materials.

If you’ve been riding to work with normal pedals, you know that your feet slipping and missed placement of your foot can be, well, painful.  Commuter bicycle pedals are made to both keep your foot secure and allow easy egress from the pedal so you can set your foot down at stops.

There are a lot of these types of commuter toe clips for bike pedals out there, but many are made from relatively cheap plastics that won’t stand up to a lot of wear.  So watch for the higher-quality, guaranteed products, which these Delta strapless toe clips for bicycle commuters are.

The clips are 2 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches and weigh only 3.2 ounces.  Most of the other reviews of these toeclips that we have read are very favorable.

While this is only a preliminary review for Cycling for Beginners, for those who need a bicycle-commuter-based solution for their ride should take a look at Delta strapless bicycle pedal toe clips.  Click here for more reviews of these Delta Strapless Toeclips or to buy.

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