Electra Townie 7D Review

I was prepared to not like this bike.  Sure, I’ve only been riding a bike for about a year now after over twenty years without riding, but I’ve gone from a hybrid bike to a road bike and have been focusing on getting stronger and faster on my road rides, and wasn’t real sure what the Electra Townie 7d bicycle could offer me.  But, almost from the moment of getting on the bike, my mind began to change.  So, with that preface, here’s my Electra Townie 7D review:

What started to change my mind quickly was the fact that the seating position on the Townie is a both upright and relaxed, giving you a feeling more like you are on a chopper motorcycle — it just feels like fun.  One of the key reasons for this is the position of the pedals on the Townie is a bit forward of the seat tube, unlike most bikes.  So you can sit a bit closer to the ground and still get the full extension of your legs while pedaling.  An additional benefit of this seating position is that you can place both feet flatly on the ground when you come to a stop, which is a secure feeling — making this a good bike for beginners.  The long chain guard keeps your pants clean, too.

Electra Townie 7D (fenders and water bottle cage are sold separately)

The drivetrain on the Townie 7D is fairly simple, one gear on the crank (that round thing connected to the pedals) and 7 gears on the back wheel, shifted by twisting the right hand-grip.  I found the 7 gears to offer a great range of gearing for most riding situations.  Though you’re not going to pass the Tour De France riders up any mountains on the Townie, the one super low gear on the Townie 7D should keep you spinning up most inclines.  The brakes on the Townie are dual hand brakes that worked well to bring the Townie to a stop quickly and consistently.

I found the saddle on the Townie to be very comfortable, being a good combination of sufficient padding and not so big as to be in my way during more vigorous riding.  That, coupled with the big tires and the relaxed riding position made for a very comfortable ride, both on paved roads and also on the gravel trails that I took the bike on.  In fact, though I had intended to ride at a more leisurely pace, I found myself burning up the trails quicker than I would have expected — with gravel occasionally pinging inside the optional Electra Townie fenders .  Despite my initial inclinations, I was falling for this fun, comfortable bike.

The Townie 7D performed great on the gravel trail.

The verdict: It’s now been a few weeks since I rode the Electra Townie 7D, and I have to say — I want one!  The bike was just a ton of fun to ride.  No, it won’t replace my road bike for hard and hilly workouts, but the Townie is a great bike for riding around town, riding down trails, riding with the kids or add the optional rack on the back of it and use it for commuting.  In fact, I recently included several Townie models in my Affordable Commuter Bikes article.

The men’s version of the Electra Townie 7D is available for $399 There are also several women’s Electra Townie versions to choose from.  I hope that my Electra Townie review has been of some help to you.  If there are any specific bicycle reviews that you would like to suggest, please use the comment form below.

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