Extreme Mountain Biking Video!

Recently came across this video of some extremely perilous mountain biking — hold on to your seat!  So, would you like to ride a singletrack mountain biking path like that?  Tell us what you think in the comments below!

2 comments to Extreme Mountain Biking Video!

  • It seems a dangerous practice

  • Before anybody thinks it,no my username was NOT caused by riding,it was an on the job accident by a co-worker back in 2001,LOL!

    What some people call “extreme”,some people call “normal riding”. While that’s a bit…more technical\tedious than trails I normally rode until we moved this year (being in the east),there are LOTS of trails I rode on a regular basis with drops to either side just like the ones here (there’d typically be a hillside on one side,long drop off the other,and between 8″ to a foot of trail). It was just normal riding for the area,riding around ridges.

    So my answer would be (to the “would you call this extreme?” question)…not quite,no. Then again,having raced motocross for 20 years,and having mtn biked for longer (since I had to give up moto after the accident mentioned but I’m still pedalling when I’m up to it),I’m not exactly a “beginning cyclist”. I REALLY enjoy your blog whether beginner or not,though,having only recently discovered it,and have found useful info for non-beginners as well,keep it up 🙂


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