Frankinstien Bike Worx Street Cred 1AB Review

Frankinstien Bike Worx Street Cred 1AB

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Street Cred 1AB by Frankinstien Bike Worx in Philadelphia.  Frankinstien Bike Worx specializes in fixed-gear and single-speed bikes for urban environments, and Street Cred is their house brand.  At less than $300, the 1AB is their most economical bike, and is an interesting bike for both entry-level beginner cycling and for those looking for a daily workhorse bike.

The 1AB uses the unique-looking Street Cred cro-moly steel frame, which is designed so that the front allows for more relaxed riding, while the rear is still more akin to a traditional track bike.  The 1AB comes equipped as a single-speed with a coaster brake, so there are not brakes or gears to adjust and maintain.  Overall, this is a very simple, ready-to-ride bike with clean lines like a fixed-gear – but allows you the practical comforts of coasting and braking.

With its uniquely-shapped matte blue frame, and red accents on the wheels, saddle and moustache handlebars, the bike has a look that pops.  Also, the decals can be easily removed if you are so inclined.  In my opinion, in stock issue the 1AB is one of the better looking bicycles in this price range.

Frankinstien Street Cred 1AB Bike

Out on the street, the frame and handlebars of the 1AB allow for a comfortable upright riding position that I appreciated while navigating through city traffic.  The 700×26 tires handled the bumpy streets well while still feeling pretty fast.  Everyone has different saddle preferences, but for me the saddle was surprisingly comfortable for an economical bike.  While many economy bikes come with flimsy pedals, I was also glad that the Street Cred 1AB comes with alloy pedals with good grip.  Braking with the coaster brake was typical of coaster brakes, and brought the 1AB bike to a stop in a reasonable distance.

The verdict: The Street Cred 1AB is the kind of workhorse bike that is quick and comfortable for city riding, and is clean and simple so you can feel comfortable about locking it up at your destination.

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