Fuji Absolute 3.0 Preliminary Review

Fuji Absolute 3.0


The Fuji bike company traces its roots back to a Japanese bicycle company started in 1899.  A lot has changed since then, and the company is now headquartered in the United States.  Fuji produces a full line of bicycles of every type (road, mountain, hybrid, cruisers, kids, etc.), and the Fuji Absolute 3.0 bicycle is part of their Performance Road Hybrid line.

Perhaps some of our Cycling For Beginners readers are asking, “what is a hybrid bike?” Though there is no set definition, a hybrid bicycle is usually a bike that has many of the characteristics of a road bike (faster rolling tires, a wide range of gears, responsive frame) with a more upright riding position similar to a mountain bike or comfort bike.

Some people might also call the Fuji Absolute a flat bar road bike.  Whatever you choose to call it, many people like having a bicycle that moves and handles like a road bike, but with the comfort of not being so bent over the handle bars.

I received a Fuji Absolute 3.0 test bike a few weeks ago, but because of the long and messy winter I have only been able to get out on it a time or two so far.  So this will be my preliminary Fuji Absolute review, and I will follow up with another riding review after I am able to spend some more time in the saddle.

Fuji Absolute 3.0 Bicycle Specifications

The Fuji Absolute 3.0 has an aluminum frame (which is lighter than steel)  and a high tensile steel fork.  The frame has a nice, sculpted look and also has mounts where you can install two water bottle cages.

Fuji Absolute 3.0 Drivetrain

The Absolute 3.0 is a 24 speed bike, with a triple crank and 8 gears on the cassette [if you have questions about the cycling terms, please see our Tips for Buying a Starter Road Bike].

Power goes to the road on Kenda 700×28 tires mounted on Fuji rims, and the Absolute has Tektro V-brakes front and rear.  The saddle and the flat handlebars are both Fuji’s own brand, and the handlebars are on an adjustable stem, so you can raise the bars to sit more upright.

2011 Fuji Absolute 3.0

In 2010, Consumer Reports rated the Fuji Absolute 3.0 at the top of its fitness bike category, so I’m really looking forward to riding it more.

Be sure to check back with us to read our next Fuji Absolute 3.0 review, and you can also read more about the Absolue 3.0 on the Fuji bikes websiteUPDATE: You can now view my follow-up review here: Fuji Absolute 3.0 riding review.

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