Fuji Nevada 29er 1.0 Bike Riding Review

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It has been a while now since we posted our preliminary Fuji Nevada 29er 1.0 review, and you can refer back to that post for details about the Nevada’s components.  Since that time, we’ve been out on the Nevada 29er many times in a variety of trail conditions.  So, what follows is my Fuji Nevada 29er 1.0 riding review.

The Nevada 29er’s aluminum frame gave the bike just the right amount of stiffness, while still being comfortable to ride and felt good climbing hills — especially when I locked the Nevada’s front suspension fork (locking the fork keeps it rigid, which helps while climbing hills).  Unlocking the fork certainly helped smooth bumpy trails, including one I ride that is filled with big roots sticking up at various angles.  Really, the combination of the 100mm (about 4 inches) of suspension and the big 29 inch tires make a world of difference versus how mountain bikes with the old 26 inch tires handle bumpy trails.  And despite the large wheels, the Nevada 29er felt agile on curves and handled well overall.

The Nevada’s shifting was a non-issue, and that’s a good thing: the gears shifted quickly and smoothly where I wanted them to be, even after several runs through muddy terrain.  Though I believe Fuji is upgrading the Nevada 29er’s brakes to hydraulic brakes for 2012 models, the mechanical disc brakes on my test bike also performed flawlessly, bringing me (a pretty big guy) to a stop quickly and consistently (again, even after getting the bike very muddy).

Saddle selection is a very personal choice, but I was comfortable on the Nevada 29er’s stock saddle.  I also found the Nevada’s grips to be comfortable, and used them without riding gloves most of the time.  So, with a good feel, good shifting, good handling, good brakes, and comfortable saddle and grips, the Nevada 29er was everything it should be and a lot of fun to ride.

The Verdict: The Fuji Nevada 29er 1.0 functions flawlessly and provides a much better ride over bumpy trails than most mountain bikes with 26 inch tires — and is a good value for the money for a 29er.  To learn more about the Nevada 29er 1.0, please see the Fuji Bikes Website.

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