Giant Simple Single Review

In my last post about Finding the Best Bike to Ride with Kids, I mentioned that after trading in my hybrid bike for a road bike I realized that I needed something simpler and with a more upright riding position to go for bike rides with my kids.  I decided to get a cruiser bike, then set out to find the best cruiser bike for me.  I finally decided on the Giant Simple Single.

Though I admired the clean look of the Giant Simple Single the first time I saw it, I went through a good bit of shopping before I decided on it.  Unlike many cruiser bikes, the Simple frame is made from lightweight aluminum instead of steel.  Although it is still certainly not a light racing bike, the aluminum frame does make a difference.

I have been pleased with the Unity saddle, which is very comfortable — even for a larger guy like me.  I also like the looks of the big RoadStar cruiser tires, which give a comfortable ride and can go a week or more between pumping.  No brakes and single-speed means there are no cables or levers to fool with, as you just pedal backwards to engage the Shimano rear hub brake.  Riding position is upright and comfortable for me, so I can keep a good eye on the kids while we are riding.

Lest you think that I am only a fan of Giant bikes, I’ll let you know that I came very close to getting a Trek Cruiser Classic.  However, I found a deal where I could get the Simple Single for cheaper than the Trek Cruiser Classic Steel, so I saved money and got a lighter bike.  Briefly put, the Simple seemed to be the best price for the money, plus I liked the looks of the bike and I have been impressed with other Giant bicycles that I have owned.  So, if you are about to buy a cruiser bike, be sure to check out the Giant Simple Single — it might just be the best cruiser bicycle for you too.

P.S.: If you are looking for a less expensive alternative, you might consider the Schwinn Legacy cruiser bike or this women’s Schwinn Typhoon cruiser bike.

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