Hollandia Opa 28 Citi Bicycle Review

Hollandia Opa 28 Citi Bicycle

Hollandia Opa 28 Citi Bicycle

The Hollandia Opa 28 Citi Bicycle
is the a city bike for anyone who desires to have a European style bike to ride around town on. This bike has many Dutch features and is a simple single speed bike.

It is constructed of sturdy Hi-ten TIG steel that is lug brazed welded together at the joints.  The kickstand is unlike most others being a double legged stand that takes the rear wheel off the ground.

To stop this Dutch bike is a coaster brake in the rear and an alloy lever brake on the front.  The bike comes equipped with front and rear fenders. There is also a skirt covering a portion of the rear wheel. The chain guard completely encloses the drive mechanism.

Just like in Amsterdam, this bike comes standard with both front and rear racks so a person can do their shopping while traveling around town. So you will be seen and heard there is a head light mounted on the front of the bike and a bell on the handle bars.

The wheels are 28” with 36 spokes in the alloy rims. Mounted on both rims are black 1.75” tires. The saddle is spring cushioned for a softer more comfortable ride.

The Hollandia Opa 28 Citi Bicycle is made for style while being very functional for anyone who likes to travel by bike around town.  Click Here for More Hollandia Opa 28 Citi Bicycle Reviews or to See Pricing.

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