Interview with Jim from Bikerly Blog

Jim from Bikerly Blog

Cycling For Beginners is continuing our series featuring interviews with some of the cycling bloggers that we like to follow.  Today we’re interviewing Jim from Bikerly Blog.

Jim lives in Minnesota, and is a marathon runner, cyclist and beer enthusiast.  In addition to his blog,  you can also catch him hanging out on Twitter and serving as a professor on #bikeschool on Thursday nights (more on that below).

CFB: When did you start riding bicycles?

Jim: I grew up on a farm in Iowa. Fortunately for me, the farm was just on the outside of town. It was a small town with plenty of quiet streets to bike up and down, to the football games, school, grocery store for baseball cards, Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone, etc.

There was only a brief time that I did not own a bicycle, during a short residency in Hawaii. This is my one cycling regret. Hawaii would have been a great place to bike.

CFB: What kind of riding do you do these days?

Jim: I’m a slow rider and often bring a camera with me. I know where the park benches exist and use them. I bike for fun, to get out of the house.

Last Winter, mostly due to a serious case of cabin fever, I started icebiking with my Raleigh 29er. Here’s an excerpt from my blog:

It was an arctic February day (-10 F) when I decided to get off the couch and go for a bike ride. It had been months since my last, but I was determined to kick Old Man Winter where the sun wasn’t shining.

Layers, face mask, goggles and gloves, I pedaled. My wife thought I was crazy. So did the neighbors. I loved it, and spent the rest of the weekend researching winter cycling gear. That weekend marked my addiction to icebiking. I continued biking through the Winter, taking pictures and facebooking the heck out of my adventures.

What I learned last Winter is that there is no such thing as bad biking weather, only bad biking gear. I can not wait for our first snow of the year. My 29er is ready.

CFB: How do you train to improve your riding?

Jim: I run marathons and drink beer. Running is really my serious cardio workout. Biking, for me, is a joy ride.

CFB: What is it about cycling that you find exciting these days?

Jim: Great question! I’m excited about finding new places, new restaurants, meeting new people over a Guinness, and . A couple months ago @egggman, @lovingthebike and I blogged about sharing lessons learned using the hashtag #bikeschool on Twitter. In October we invited our readers to a live 60 minute Twitter discussion and have been doing it every week since.

We identify the moderator each Thursday on Twitter at 9 p.m. EST sharp using the hashtag #bikeschool. The “professor” introduces a new question every 10-15 minutes to keep the discussion lively and it’s a great deal of fun. We’ve learned a lot and met some great cycling friends this way. Here are the nuts and bolts on how to participate.

CFB: What advice would you give to a beginner cyclist who is just getting into (or getting back into) riding a bike?

Jim: Keep it fun. Just get out there, no matter the weather, and learn the way along the way.

We appreciate Jim taking the time for this interview!  Be sure to follow his posts on Bikerly Blog and give him a shout on Twitter.  Jim will be the moderator on #bikeschool next week, so be sure to check that out too!

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