Kent Dual Drive Tandem Bicycle Review

Kent Dual Drive Tandem Bike

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The Kent Dual Drive Tandem Bicycle has a 21-speed Shimano Tourney drive mechanism that makes it possible to for the riders to choose their own level of force they wish to apply verses speed. This 21 gear mechanism is controlled by two Revo twist shifters. They are mounted into the handlebar grips of the lead rider so the hands never have to leave the bars and pose a safety risk.

This tandem bike is advertised as a 26” model but in reality the front rider’s position is 29”. The rear rider is set at 20”.  The frame is made out of high tensile steal that is guaranteed for life to the original owner by the manufacturer.

The riders sit on two Vitesse spring gel saddle seats that are mounted on alloy posts. These are fully adjustable to fit the riders comfort level.

The brakes are the standard alloy linear mounted V-style that is very dependable. They apply friction to the two 26” light alloy rims. The tires mounted on the rims are 2.1” wide for improved grip and stability over skinner tires.

The seat stems, cranks, brakes and rims are all made out of strong but light weight alloy so help reduce the overall weight of the bike, which is 61 pounds without the riders.

To improve the comfort level of both riders, each rider has a water bottle mount within reach of their hands on the frame. The water bottle is not included with the bike. Click Here for More Kent Dual Drive Tandem Bicycle Reviews or To See Prices.

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