Knog Strongman U-Lock Review

Knog Strongman U-Lock

Knog Strongman U-Lock

The Knog Strongman U-Lock is a small lock that is big on helping you to protect your property. This bike lock has a ½” shaft of investment cast hardened steel that makes up the shackle.  The actual dimension of this powerfully strong lock is 7.9” x 5.1” x 1.4”. This U shaped shaft is heat treated so the perfect blend of harness and resistance to cutting has been achieved.

To help protect the finish on your bike the Strongman lock is overmolded with UV resistant silicone rubber that is non-toxic.

The locking mechanism of this lock is a single piece investment cast lock housing that was designed to reduce the number of leverage points to open it. This is a double ended locking mechanism which cannot be opened by twisting it. The locking barrel is a high security disk style that has a minimum key combination of 5000 for each lock. This bike lock comes with 3 strongman high security keys. Each lock has a unique key code and Knog can be contacted and a replacement key sent to you with proof of ownership.

The mounting bracket for the strongman bike lock has a user friendly ratcheting mechanism with an extra tough and wide strap that is a rubberized fabric which will secure the lock to the frame.

To ensure the Knog Strongman U-Lock holds up to its name many tests were performed on it including drop, impact corrosion, extreme temperature and cycling tests. Click Here for More Knog Strongman U-Lock Reviews or to See Pricing.

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