Monkey Light Colorful Bike Wheel Lights Review

Monkey Light Colorful Bike Wheel Lights

Monkey Light Colorful Bike Wheel Lights

The Monkey Light Colorful Bike Wheel Lights will make your even ride like being at a party. It is impossible for someone not to notice you unless they are actually blind. The constantly changing design offers to viewers 42 different themes in which the rider can choose from that will display 16 different colors. The MonkeyFX electronics produces the many varieties of patterns automatically.

The 32 LEDs are directly attached to the spokes of your bike. This is done securely with each light being mounted in three places on the spoke for a vibration free attachment. The lights fit securely on all 20” or larger wheels of a standard bicycle. The triple AA battery pack is mounted on the hub of the wheel so there are no possibilities of a connection coming loose. The entire light set is made of durable rubber construction that is waterproof. This makes it safe to use in dry or wet conditions.

The light display comes on automatically once the wheel is in motion above 10 mph. This way the batteries will not be used when the bike is stationary and unattended. The average battery life is up to 20 hours. There is even a stainless steel strap to prevent the lighting device from being stolen.

If you want not only be seen but noticed then this is the bike light system you need for your evening rides around town. Click Here for More Monkey Light Colorful Bike Wheel Lights Reviews or to See Pricing.


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