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My family and I recently went on a Caribbean cruise, and I wanted to try and get out on the bike as many places as I could. Cycling for Beginners readers may recall that I previously discussed mountain biking in Cozumel, and I’ve also been mountain biking in Antigua, and whenever I can I always like to look for new places to mountain bike on vacation.

When trying to search for places to mountain bike in Saint Croix, I did not find that many options. Also, one of the frustrating things about trying to mountain bike in the Caribbean is that it seems that many of the businesses there do not communicate regularly through email. So for our day in Saint Croix I actually found a mountain biking excursion through our cruise ship line, which was Royal Caribbean, however I would assume there are mountain biking cruise excursions available from other cruise lines as well.

St. Croix Mountain Biking Cruise Excursion

St. Croix Mountain Biking Tour

On the day we arrived in Saint Croix, we met our St. Croix mountain biking tour leaders on the pier around 8:30 a.m., and from there from there we walked a short distance to Freedom City Cycles and were fitted for our bicycles there. After that we set off tracing the coast of Saint Croix mostly on the paved roads followed along the coastline, seeing some sugar plantations and other highlights on our way. After that we will we took a dirt path down to a rocky beach, where we had a short amount of time to take photographs or or walk along the beach area.

On the way back to our starting point we basically went on the same route in reverse. On this part of the ride we could stretch our legs and ride at our own pace, with one tour guide in front and the other tour guide riding in the back to make sure noone was left behind. All in all it was a very pleasant ride on a pretty island, and although no real “mountain biking” was involved it was still a pleasant experience, as it is always nice to be able to do some mountain biking on a cruise ship excursion. The excursion lasted about three hours, and after that my family and I got to enjoy the beach for the rest of the day.

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