Mountain Biking in St. Lucia

St. Lucia Mountain Biking

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We went on a cruise that included a stop in Castries, St. Lucia, and we thought we’d visit Bike St. Lucia instead of doing one of the cruise-ship-sponsored excursions.  My son and I both like mountain biking, so we opted for the mountain/jungle biking tour with Bike St. Lucia, while my wife and daughter decided to take the snorkeling tour through their affiliated site, Jungle Reef Adventures.  We all had a great time, and agreed they were the best excursions of our cruise!

For biking, first we were fitted to our bikes, and it was great that they had a small mountain bike that my 7-year-old son (who rides with me a lot) could ride.  After getting fitted and adjusted, we had a nice tour around the old plantation and learned the history of the place and got to try some fresh cocoa beans right off the tree. The Cannondale F800 bikes were in pretty good condition, and the tour was nice and friendly, and guided us by all of the various trails that we could ride.  After that, we biked on our own until lunchtime (and could have afterward if we wanted).

Jungle Biking Saint Lucia

St. Lucia Jungle Biking (photo by

The trails are nice (great for Caribbean) single and double track, and the place is well maintained — also they say there are no snakes (because colonists imported the mongoose to the island).  There are trails for different levels of riding, although I’d say that most are Beginner level (as far as MTB trails are concerned), with a bit of climbing here and there but not many rocky or rooty technical sections.  The trails were great for my son and I, and we rode most of them —  but not the hardest trail, Tinker’s Trail, because I thought the climbs and drop-offs might be a bit much for him.

Around noon, my wife and daughter were brought over from their snorkeling tour to the mountain biking area, and we had lunch together.  There was fish and chicken, and we liked them both.  The side dishes and dessert were good too.  I’d say that the food was quite good, and exceeded our expectations.

During lunch, my wife and daughter told us that the snorkeling was great, so my son and I decided to take the boat over to the snorkeling beach with them after lunch.  Although there is a beach near the jungle biking trails, the other beach they have is better for snorkeling. The water was truly crystal clear — clearer than almost anywhere else I’ve been in the Caribbean.  They have a lot of rocks and reefs close to the beach that you can swim to easily, and there were many different types of fish to see.

We really had a great day, and the boat trip back got us back to the pier in plenty of time before our 4:30 cruise ship boarding deadline. I highly recommend Bike St. Lucia and Jungle Reef Adventures for some of the best mountain biking and snorkeling in the Caribbean!

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Saint Lucia Biking

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