Mountain Biking Near Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya

riviera maya mountain bikingWe’re continuing our series on Mountain Biking in the Caribbean with a guest post from Ellen at Elite Cyclery Tours and Bike Rentals, which provides bike rentals and tours around Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and other parts of the Riviera Maya.

Mountain Biking in the Riviera Maya

A warm day, a hot day and it is only 6 in the morning. You already feel the humidity rising. But if you are a real MTBer, rain or sun….you wanna get out there. Riding your bike and enjoying nature.

Imagine you are riding inside the jungle. A single track, the humidity is 90%. Suddenly you hear something, you look up and you see a small spider monkey watching you, following your way….then suddenly the jungle is getting less dense and in front of you, you see the ocean. You go down over the sand to a stony trail next to the sea….wouldn’t that be amazing?  That’s how it is to ride here at Cancun & the Riviera Maya.

What do you think when you hear the words Cancun and the Riviera Maya?  Beach, party, big resorts and some Mayan ruins. What if I would tell you that you can have a mountain bike experience here, totally different than you are used too. You are right, we do not have any mountains here, but we do have amazing trails, which make even the most experienced biker tremble. We like technical; stones, rocks, trees to jump over…combine this with the jungle, heat and humidity, hidden Maya ruins, cenotes and typical Maya villages and you have an amazing place to go biking.

cycling in cancunBut I don’t want to scare you away. You can find trails for all kind of levels here. For example the Trail of the Jaguar:  40 km of biking over some great tracks rolling through magnificent scenery of the ancient Mayan Yucatan.  In a small Mayan village, we sit down under a 600 year old tree, which according to the Mayas brings luck if you hug it, enjoying our well-earned coca.  We go on to a cenote, we just take of our shoes and jump in. So refreshing after the heat of the jungle. Climbing to the top of the Acropolis (100 feet), where a small temple once stood, affords stellar views of the surrounding, undeveloped countryside and the other buildings on the entire site.

Maybe you are more into visiting cenotes by trails taking you through the inside of Quintana Roo’s jungle.  Cenotes are natural wonders that feed streams and underground rivers located throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.  Inside, you can swim or float through the cave, with its spectacular stalagmites and stalactites.  Gorgeous and remote cenotes, undeveloped and all but overlooked by the package tours.  Or a real challenge at Banco de cenotes, including cenotes and a lagoon.  But be aware for this one!  It’s only for the most advanced bikers.

Punta Venado trails is another great option here at the Riviera Maya.  A bike park in an eco-destination existing of 2060 acres of virgin tropical jungle and 3.72 miles of beautiful beaches. Non-bikers can enjoy the beach club.

This is a fabulous and natural park. This land is so unspoiled that you really get to enjoy it as it was intended and may have the fortune to watch all the wildlife living here. You can go there by yourself or it can be arranged as an all-inclusive tour. There are trails for all levels, cenotes and beach.  It is planned to open officially in July 2013.

A little bit of info on Elite Cyclery Tours and Bike Rentals.  Besides MTB we also have great options for road biking.  The tours are personalized. We don’t manage big groups.  This way we can adjust it to your taste and level.  All tours include bikes, helmets, 2 guides, we pick you up at your hotel and bring you back again, water bottle, Gatorade, refreshments and some snacks, all entrance fees to parks, cenotes, ruins, zip lines etc.

The only thing we ask is a good condition and at least basic biking skills. Riding here is not like riding in any other place!

The prices depends on where we will pick you up and how many people are coming.

This is more than a job for the guides of Elite Cyclery Tours and Bike Rentals.  We want you to see how great it is to go biking here, we want to share the beautiful places, we want you to see what we see.  We want you to be impressed and go home with an amazing experience.  You can find more information on these tours and rentals here: Elite Cyclery Tours and Bike Rentals; and the mountain biking park: Punta Venado Trails.

playa del carmen cycling

Note: This is a guest post — you can read more about guest posts here.

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