NiteRider MiNewt 250 Headlight Preliminary Review

This may be the most expensive bicycle lighting accessory that we here at Cycling for Beginners have considered so far.  That doesn’t mean it’s overpriced, though.  The NiteRider MiNewt 250 bicycle headlight is full of great options and for many, may be a better alternative to lights that require continual battery changes.

NiteRider MiNewt 250 Headlight- Click for more Reviews or to Buy

The two most striking technologies integrated into the NiteRider MiNewt 250 bike headlight is that it’s a USB rechargeable bike headlight and it’s cool, slim design is excellent for both looks and aerodynamics.

The NiteRider MiNewt 250 bicycle headlight is perfect for low-light or as a bike headlight for commuting.  The built-in lithium-ion batteries make this rechargeable bicycle headlight versatile because it can charge from a USB port or wall outlet with the included cord and converter.

The manufacturer claims run times of 3, 4, and 6 hours depending on which mode is being used (high, medium, low) and a much longer time (not specified) for flashing mode.

The light uses a 1W LED lamp  and takes about 4 hours to recharge.  The battery pack is integrated, so no cords or connections are required while in use.

The whole unit weighs only 190 grams as well, making it one of the lightest we’ve seen, and the 2 year warranty isn’t a bad touch either.

To get the NiteRider MiNewt 250 bicycle headlight, though, you’ll have to shell out $110.  In our estimation, from this preliminary review, we think it’s probably worth it to those who want a premium headlight with easy options beyond just battery swapping.  Click here for more NiteRider MiNewt 250 reviews or to buy.

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