ODI Cross Trainer Grips Review – Preliminary

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ODI Cross Trainer grips are replacement bicycle handlebar grips. While many bicycle grips merely slide onto the handlebars, and therefore can slide around, these ODI lock-on grips bolt on to the bars with small lock rings on each side of the grip that keep the grip on tight with no slipping.

ODI Cross Trainer grips have a rubber cross-ribbed design.  They are slimmer than some other popular grips, and the alternating rib pattern provides both a soft feel and some gripping traction.  These grips come in standard 130 mm length, which may be slightly longer then some stock bike handlebar grips, but should be the right size for most adult-sized bikes.

When ordering online, be sure to read the description closely to see if you are buying just the grips or the grips with lock-rings and end plugs – some sellers sell only the grips and assume you’ll buy the other stuff separately (you can buy different color lock-rings to customize your look).  Often, you’ll see a “bonus pack” that comes with the clamps and snap-in end caps.  These ODI grips come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  Click here for more ODI Cross Trainer Grips reviews or to buy.

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