ODI Rogue Grips Review

ODI Rogue Grips

ODI Rogue Grips

The selection of ODI Rogue Grips includes the right type for your bike riding style. At first glance the grips appear to have a tread pattern similar to an all terrain tire. This is done on purpose so the rider will have a firm grip in the handle bars of the bike so they will always be in control of it. This is accomplished by not only the tread pattern but also the propriety compound they are constructed of so they can absorb the maximum amount of shock while being used. This way your hands will always be in place to prevent an accident.

The raised pads not only absorb some of the shock from riding, but they also have large channels between them so dirt and water can be directed away from the contact area of the grips and hands. The performance of these grips is guaranteed to be 100% slip free.

The Odi Rogue Lock-On Grip Bonus Pack has everything you need to equip your bike with this advanced safety device. This includes the grips, the lock jaw clamps and end caps that snap on along with the allen wrench to secure the clamps down tight. If you have already made the switch to Odi grips then replace parts for each component is also available. This way there is no waste when making a purchase. This includes just the grips or the clamps and end caps which are sold separately. Click Here for More ODI Rogue Grips Reviews or To Buy.

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