ODI Ruffian Grips Review

ODI Ruffian Grips

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The ODI Ruffian Grips are designed with a knurled surface that is narrower than ODI Rogue Grips and specifically designed for adults and children who have smaller hands. The narrowing of the grip does reduce the amount of shock absorbing the grip has, but the pattern still gives the rider the same 100% Slip Free Performance as its cousin.  This maximum amount of traction of the grip helps riders to hang onto the handlebars when they are transversing rough terrain.

The Ruffian grips are known as the original lock on style of grips that have their patented lock-on clamp to ensure the grip does not slip off the handlebars no matter what the condition are. Attached to the lock-on clamp is a snap on end to help keep the water out of the handle bars and make the grips look stylish.

The ODI Ruffian Grips were originally designed for the mountain bike racer that needed to reduce wind drag and weight while not compromising on the grips ability to remain tacky so contact with the riders hand is assured. This is true no matter what conditions the grips are put thru including rain and muddy terrain.

Each set of ODI Ruffian Grips in the bonus pack have the grips, the lock-on clamps, end caps and allen wrench to secure the grips to your handlebars.  They also come in seven different colors to help match your bike and personal preference that include black, white, pink, bright red, lime green, aqua and bright blue. Click Here for More ODI Ruffian Grips Reviews or to See Pricing.

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