Onguard Bulldog Combination U-Lock Preliminary Review

Onguard Bulldog Combinatioin U-Lock (click for buying information)

Once you’ve acquired a new ride, you need to protect it.  Every cyclist knows that there are thieves out there who will take off with your bike if given the chance, so we purchase the tools to prevent that from happening.  One of the most powerful of those locks, if used correctly, is the U-lock.  Why?  Because it can’t be easily cut through and, if the lock is a good one, it can’t be easily cracked or jimmied either.

Here at Cycling for Beginners, we know the importance of a good combination U-lock, so we are looking at what is available right now.  This Bulldog combination u-lock review is looking at the Onguard product with fresh eyes.

This u-lock with combination has a reported 13mm (1/2 inch) thick U bar, double rubber coating to keep it from scratching up your bicycle, and a four-foot cable in case the U won’t work wherever you’re locking up your ride or for when you’d like to lock not just the frame, but the wheels too.

One of the unique features we can see here is the Quattro Bolt Locking Mechanism for this Onguard combination u-lock review.  This locks across the bar and shackle from four directions (sides), which is definitely a security bonus against lock pickers and jimmy attempts.

For the price, this is one of the better combination ulock sets we’ve seen so far, but it does weigh in at a heft 3.6 pounds.  At less than $30, though, that is probably as light as it gets for this kind of security.  The lighter aluminum-titanium locks are way higher priced than this Bulldog U-lock is.

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