OnGuard Mastiff Combination Chain Lock Review

OnGuard Mastiff Combination Chain Lock

OnGuard Mastiff Combination Chain Lock

The OnGuard Mastiff Combination Chain Lock is a safe and secure manner in which you can keep your cycle safe from theft. This is a far throw from the old combination locks most Americans used in the school yard many years ago. No longer do you have to fear that a thief can just pull at the locking mechanism and figure out the combination.

This OnGuard Combination chain lock is constructed of titanium reinforced hardened steel that is resistant to cutting and sawing instruments. The chain itself is made of square links for added strength. The chain is 8 to 10 mm thick. The steel ball combination locking mechanism is permanently forged into the chain itself to heighten the level of security this lock provides the owner. The technology used in the construction of this chain is X4P. The locking mechanism is a double bolt X2 type is pull resistant for added security.

Another feature of this bike combination lock is the ability for the owner to reset the combination as many time as they feel is necessary.  There are a total of 9,999 different combination of the lock that can be used.

The dimensions of this bike lock are 31.5” x 2.5” x 0.32”. The chain is covered with a water resistant fabric to help prevent rusting and corrosion. The overall weight of this OnGuard Lock is 3.4 pounds. It also has a security rating of 57. Click Here for More OnGuard Mastiff Combination Chain Lock Review Reviews or to See Pricing.
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