Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike Review

Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike

Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike

With the Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike you will have a sturdy Hi-ten oversized steel mountain bike frame under when you transfers the country side or urban area for that extra stable feeling.  The Hi-Ten steel front forks are of a ridged design. The front rider’s minimum position on the frame is 18” with the rear rider’s minimum seat position is at 16”.

To help you get to your destination is a Shimano drive system that includes derailleurs. The lightweight and durable cranks along with the gears in the back there is a total of 21 speeds this bike is capable of being placed into.  To shift the gears is a MRX pro twist shifter manufactured by SRAM placed on the front riders handlebars.

The 26” rims are made of a high strength supersonic allow that have 36 spokes each. Mounted on these rims are extra wide mountain bike tires.

To help you stop you momentum there are a pair of linear pull brakes by Promax mounted one on the front and the other on the rear which are controlled by the front rider.

For the comfort of the riders both seats are cushy sport saddles so the ride will be enjoyable.

While this Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike is longer than most other bikes, it only weighs a total of 57.3 pounds. This is the bike for any couple that wishes to be together on their trips around town. Click Here for More Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike Reviews or to See Pricing.

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