Park Tool Repair Stand Work Tray Review

Park Tool Repair Stand Work Tray

Park Tool Repair Stand Work Tray

With the Park Tool Repair Stand Work Tray a bike mechanic will find their tasks of repairing bicycles easier and less frustrating. This handy tray is made to be mounted on the Park Tool PRS-25, PRS-15, PCS-10 and PCS-11 Repair Stands. If you have the PCS-9, PCS-1 or PCS-4 repair stands then the 106-AC accessory color must be used to mount this tray.

The main tray of this component has two separate compartments. There is also an integrated tab system designed to hold a standard market bag so trash can be kept in order. On the front of the tray are 7 holes for tools to be located for ease of access. There is also a towel rack so you can keep your hands clean. There is a side tray attached to the body of the tray in which lubricants or other solution in small bottles can be kept.

This repair tray is made out of a long lasting polymer so it will never rust and stay durable for years to come. It is black in color and has dimensions of 16” x 11.1” X 4.2”. It weighs a total of 1 pound. With this handy tray in your garage, access to the tools you need will be there in an easy to reach place. This makes it easy to stay organized while completing a repair or a maintenance task on a bicycle. Click Here for More Park Tool Repair Stand Work Tray Reviews or to See Pricing.

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