A Day at the Philly Bike Expo

Philly Bike Expo

This past weekend I attended the Philly Bike Expo.  This was my first time to attend a bicycle exposition, so I wasn’t sure what to expect (except bikes).  The Expo took place in the old armory in downtown Philadelphia, and the cycling-related seminars took place in a church not too far away.

I arrived at the Philadelphia Bike Expo just a few minutes after it opened to the public.  The large old building was filled with booths of exhibits by bike manufacturers (ANT, Banjo Bicycles, Christ Cycles, Engin, Elite, Fuji, Horse, Jamis, etc.), manufacturers of cycling accessories and parts (Chain-L, Nutcase Helmets, Urban Outfitters, Sputnik Tool, RUseeN, Princeton Tec, etc.), some cycling causes (Bikes to Rwanda, L.A.B., etc.), a couple of local alcoholic beverage makers, a coffee house and even a chiropractor.  The Expo was a good mix over all, with some high-end and ultra-high-end bikes, but some good practical bikes as well.

While there were some good food choices for lunch outside of the armory, seating was limited so I grabbed a quick lunch at a local restaurant and then headed over to the church where the seminars were being presented.  While there were several seminars that sounded interesting, the one that I wanted to see the most – and the only one that I ended up catching — was the Book Related Appearance of cycling author/blogger  Bike Snob NYC (BSNYC).

The room was packed for BSNYC’s presentation, full of folks who were clearly fans of his humorous cycling blog (including me).  BSNYC guided us through a humorous slide presentation, then awarded some prizes to the audience for answering trivia questions.  After that, folks could purchase his Bike Snob book and get it signed.  I picked up a copy for myself, since my local bookstores never seemed to have it in stock.

After that I headed back to the exhibits at the Philadelphia Bicycle Expo for one last pass by the booths.  Also, at one point I watched a few minutes of some freestyle cyclists riding up a ramp against a wall and doing some tricks.  I’ll attach some pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Overall, a great way to spend a day looking at and learning about bikes.

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