Razor Full Face Kids Bike Helmet Review

Razor Full Face Kids Bike Helmet

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The Razor Full Face Kids Bike Helmet is made for an active youth with a head between 21.5” and 23” in circumference. This is a typical hat size 7 and generally fits children and young adults from 8 to 14 years of age. The fit should be tight for maximum protection. The total weight on the wearer’s head is only 1.5 pounds. Its main use is to protect the heads of skateboard and bicycle riders.

The shell is made of a high impact resistant polymer that meets CPSC standards. The finish is scratch resistant with 17 vents to help keep the wearer cool.  This includes the one covering the mouth so breathing will not be impaired. The eye opening is large enough for a standard set of eye goggles so they can be worn at the same time as the helmet.  It cleans up with a damp cloth and can be coated with a clear coat wax to assist in keeping it shiny.

There is extra foam padding on the interior of the Razor Full Face Kids Bike Helmet so an exact fit can be obtained. A loose helmet could cause unwanted injuries or obstruct the vision of the wearer. To keep the helmet secure, there is a padded strap that is adjustable. The visor is also adjustable to fit the desires of each wearer of this helmet.

This youth bike helmet is made to ergonomically fit the youth of today without impairing their field of vision so their heads will not be injured if an impact occurs. Click Here for More Razor Full Face Kids Bike Helmet Reviews or To See Prices.

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