Reelight SL 120 Bicycle Light Set Preliminary Review

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Some riders are willing to go to the next level for safety.  Keeping track of what the state of charge of your safety lights’ batteries are in can be tricky and running out of charge while out on the road can be dangerous.  Consequently, most batteries get changed too often.  With battery free bicycle lights, that worry is eliminated.

Today, we’re going to do a Reelight SL120 review and show you how much has changed since the early days of the cumbersome generators that made you pedal harder to get the juice.  These wireless bicycle lights use electromagnetics to draw power from your moving wheels.

These wireless bike lights mount to the axle or skewer and use electromagnetic pads to create electricity from the movement of your bicycle’s wheels.  They use LED for bright, low-energy bicycle lighting and flash automatically whenever the wheels are in motion.  They have a small capacitor inside that stores power for about two minutes so that the lights continue working when you’re stopped at a light or sign as well.

They’re more expensive than battery-powered lights, but remove most of the headaches involves in those bicycle lighting systems.  With battery lights, you have to turn them on and off each time and you have to monitor the battery’s state of charge so you don’t lose juice in the middle of a ride.  With the Reelight SL120, they turn on and off automatically, according to when you’re riding, and they require no batteries at all.

With our preliminary look, we think that those who can afford a $65 safety system on their bicycle would be well served with a battery free bicycle lights system like this.  Click here for more reviews or to buy the Reelight SL 120.

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