Retrospec Siddhartha Single-speed Bike Review

Retrospec Siddhartha Single-speed Bike

Retrospec Siddhartha Single-speed Bike

Retrospec Siddhartha Single-speed Bike is the mode of transportation that can take you back in time when life was simpler. The one amendment to this bike that older bikes do not have is the ability to ride in a fixed gear or in a single speed drive.

The construction of the Urban-Comfort frame is made out of steel with classic curved front forks also made out of steel with a no toe overlap. The stem is of a Promax alloy which is attached to the classical looking Promax mustache handlebars. To accent this, the grips are made out of brown leather with real stitching on them to help keep the secure. The saddle matches which is also in brown leather with stitches.

Just like in decades past the only brakes on this retro bike is the KT coaster brake on the rear. There are no front brakes.

The crank is alloy with 48 teeth on it. The pedals are of a classical design also made out of alloy for light weight. The bottom bracket is a NECO cartridge.

The wheels are 1.2” wide that is doubled wall deep V configuration. There are 32 spokes on the wheels that measure 27.5” in diameter.

The Retrospec Siddhartha Single-speed Bike is of a classical simple design made for comfort in an urban environment. Its sturdy construction ensures it can withstand the punishment of city riding while still looking stylish. Click Here for More Retrospec Siddhartha Single-speed Bike Reviews or to See Pricing.

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