Schwinn Loop Folding Bike Preliminary Review

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If you’re a commuter or just someone who has limited space to store your bike, but would like a reliable, useful get-arounder, then folding bikes are definitely what you should be looking at.  This latest Schwinn folding bike is a good, entry-level bet to consider.

The Schwinn Loop folding bike is a 7-speed, putting it ahead of some of the others you may have seen in this price range that are single-speed folders.  It’s low to the ground, made of a light alloy, and is built by Schwinn so it should be strong and durable as well.

The Schwinn Loop bike also has front and rear pull brakes, 20-inch rims, a built-in rear carrier for your stuff, fenders on both front and back, and a heavy gauge nylon carrying bag.

While some Schwinn folding bikes need to be tuned a bit out of the box, it’s cheap to have this done at any bike shop or you can do it on your own if you have the tools and learn from some videos online.  Most likely you’ll find this Schwinn Loop bicycle easy to work on and get the shifting and braking working great with just some minimal adjustments.

So if you’re looking for a folding commuter or get-around bicycle that comes ready-to-go, then the Schwinn Loop bike is a good option.  Click Here for more Schwinn Loop reviews or To Buy.  We’ll be posting a follow-up review in the near future with more details on riding the Schwinn Loop folding bicycle.

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