Schwinn Thrasher Helmet with light Review

Schwinn Thrasher Helmet with light

Schwinn Thrasher Helmet with light

The Schwinn Thrasher Helmet with light  is a well built light weight way for the cycling enthusiast to protect their head without the usual bulky weight of a standard helmet. As an added safety feature there is a red light in the base on the rear of the helmet so traffic that is approaching you from behind will be able to know of your presence on the road.

The thrasher helmet is made with 21 vents in its shell. This will help keep the weight down and allow for the heat generated by the wearer to dissipate while riding most efficiently. The construction of this helmet, even with the vents is still made to protect the wears head from sever head trauma if an accident on the road occurs. This Schwinn Thrasher Helmet has a CPSC sticker which indicates it has passed the safety requires for a bicycle helmet as set by the US Government.

This helmet is made to be adjustable for nearly any adult size head. There are multiple pads in place in the helmet. Attached with Velcro there are additional pads that can be added to the areas of the helmet inside to give you a snug fit. These are head sealed pads to help keep your head dry in wet conditions. There is also a chin strap that is adjustable to help make sure the fit is correct. Click Here for More Schwinn Thrasher Helmet with light Reviews or to See Pricing.

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