Schwinn World Market Preliminary Review

Schwinn World Market Bicycle















Most Americans are very familiar with the Schwinn brand of bicycles. The Schwinn Bicycle Company was founded in Chicago in 1895, and became one of the leading brands of bicycles in the last century. The company has undergone many changes through the years, but still sells a wide variety of bicycle types in different price ranges.

With gas prices skyrocketing and more and more Americans using bicycles for transportation to commute, run errands, etc., many people are buying bikes that allow for a more upright riding position, and have practical features like chain-guards, fenders, and racks. This year Schwinn has introduced a new bicycle aimed at those who use bikes for transportation: the Schwinn World Market bicycle.

Schwinn World Market Specifications

Schwinn World Market Step-Thru Commuter Bike (courtesy of Schwinn)















Schwinn World Market Commuter Bicycle

The Schwinn World Market has an aluminum frame that allows for about as upright a seating position as any bike I have ridden. The fork on the World Market is a suspension fork that helps to smooth out bumps and is can be adjusted to better suit different rider weights or riding preferences. The red paint on my test model was nicely done, and has houndstooth details on the frame, seat, handlebars and matching bag (more on that below) to accentuate its appearance.

The World Market has 700x38c tires with a smooth-rolling city tread, on wheels that have a neat blue accent on the rims. As for gearing, the Schwinn World Market has seven speeds in a Shimano Nexus internally geared rear hub, with a grip twist shifter. Internal gears can be handy for city riding, as they allow you to shift down to easier gears while you are stopped – so a surprise stop won’t leave you stuck in high gear as it does on a bike with a derailleur. The World Market has hand brakes for front and rear brakes.

The World Market’s handlebars rise up to meet you – facilitating the upright riding position. The saddle is big and padded, and sits atop a suspension seat post that absorbs some bumpiness. The seat post has a quick release binder to allow for easy adjustment.

Schwinn World Market Accessories

The Schwinn World Market Bag has a convenient shoulder strap.

As I mentioned, the Schwinn World Market is a transportation-oriented bicycle — a bike you can commute with, go shopping with, or just generally get around (and save $4 or more per gallon of gas).  So, the World Market comes ready for the real world, with fenders, chain cover, rear rack, bell and kickstand.  It also comes with its own bag that clips into the side of the rear rack using Schwinn’s “Slide 2 Go”, so it stays put without needing bungee cords.  That’s a nice touch for a commuter bicycle, and it looks good with the bike.  So, the bike is ready for serious transportation, just add your own lighting.  There’s also a Slide 2 Go clip on the handlebars, so you can mount a front basket or other accessories that use the Slide 2 Go clip.

Schwinn World Market rack with bag removed.

So far, I’ve only had the chance to get out on the World Market a few times. I’ll post an updated Schwinn World Market review to discuss the bike’s riding characteristics once I get to know the bike a bit better.  UPDATE:  After a good bit of riding, I have now posted an updated Schwinn World Market review.

In the meanwhile, you can find more information about the World Market on the Schwinn website here: Schwinn World Market.

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