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It’s been a while now since my preliminary Schwinn World Market review, where I reviewed the basic specifications of the World Market bicycle. Since that time I’ve had a lot of opportunity to become more familiar with the World Market. So now I’m ready to present my riding review of the Schwinn World Market bike.

Schwinn World Market Bike Riding Review

Let’s start with the way the Schwinn World Market feels: without a doubt, the World Market has the most upright riding position of any bicycle that I have ridden. To some extent you can see that from the pictures – the way the handlebars come out to meet you, along with the sloping top tube because of the more compact frame geometry. No doubt, you will not feel hunched over on the World Market. I let a friend of mine who has tennis elbow issues try out several of my bikes, and he said the World Market was much easier on his arms, and he enjoyed riding it. The padded handlebar grips also help make things easy on your hands.

In addition to the upright position, the World Market has a bit of a cushy road feel, due to: (1) the front suspension fork, (2) the suspension seatpost, (3) the cushy saddle with springs, and (4) the 700x38c tires. These items really take the sting out of bumpy roads and trails, though turning/handling feels a bit cushy also: think of the World Market as a luxury car in bicycle form, and not a sports car. You could easily make the World Market a bit more sporty by switching to a rigid seat post and a seat that is a little less plush, but for cruising around town in comfort the World Market is in good form as it is.

Shifting is smooth with the World Market’s 7 speed internally geared hub. As with all internally geared hubs, it is nice that you can shift without pedaling if you forget to downshift before a stop light or sign. The range of gears seemed to be well suited to the bike, and allowed me to stay seated on most of the hills I encountered. I was also pleased with the brakes, which consistently brought me to a quick stop (even on fast downhill runs).

As for the accessories that come with the World Market, the bell was useful and worked just as it should, and the rack on the back with its accompanying bag were nice and functional too. Also, the fenders and chainguard did a good job of keeping me clean.

And let’s not forget about fun. The upright position and plush ride of the World Market makes it a great bike for riding in town or exploring paths and gravel trails. You might even find yourself whistling while you pedal!

The Verdict

The Schwinn World Market is a great bike for those looking for a commuter bicycle or town bicycle with a very upright riding position and a smooth, comfortable ride. For more information on the Schwinn World Market, check out the Schwinn Bikes Website.

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