Scott Aspect 55 Review

Scott Aspect 55 Mountain Bike

The Scott Aspect 55 is a good looking beginner mountain bike that not long ago I had the chance to ride for an extended period of time.  My Scott Aspect 55 mountain bike review is below. If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms I use, please see my article on Tips for Buying a Beginner Mountain Bike.

Scott Aspect 55 Bicycle Specifications

The Scott Aspect 55 mountain bike has an aluminum frame that makes the bike feel pretty light, and a sloping top tube that allows for plenty of stand-over space.  Sure, at almost 32 pounds for the whole bike it is heavier than a road bike, but that’s not that bad for an economical mountain bike.  I had to take the bike up a flight of stairs every day that I had it, and it did not feel too heavy.

The fork on the Scott Aspect 55 bicycle is a SR Suntour XCM-H with 100mm travel – meaning you have about 4 inches of shock absorption above the front tire (a decent amount). The Aspect 55 fork also has a lockout, where you can twist a dial on top of the shock and make it where the shock does not more. The lockout feature is helpful when climbing hills and when riding on paved or mostly flat paths.

View of the Scott Aspect 55 Fork

The Aspect 55 has 24 “speeds” – 3 chain rings on the crank and 8 gears on the “cassette” on the rear wheel. Shifting is by Shimano EZ Fire Plus trigger-style shifters, which many people prefer to grip-twist shifting.

The Aspect 55 has 26 inch wheels and tires of a quality which seemed decent to me, given the price of the bike, though some reviewers have complained that the rims can wear out quickly. The Scott Aspect 55 brakes are Shimano BR-M416 mechanical disc brakes. The handlebars, grips and saddle are nothing fancy, but they seem to do the job.

Please note that the accessories that you see in some of the pictures, including the Topeak saddle bag, Two Fish water bottle and cage with velcro attachment, Topeak Road Morph G bike pump, and Planet Bike Spok Lights are mine, and do not come with the bike (nor does the low-security cable lock, which I somewhat sloppily wrapped around the pump, similar to the Planet Bike Quick Stop Lock).

Scott Aspect 55 Bike Riding Review

So how is riding the Scott Aspect 55? Overall it was a good experience. The Aspect 55’s aluminum frame gives the bike quite a nimble feel, yet still feels strong going over bumps. The fork is pretty good for a mountain bike for beginners, doing a good job dampening the effect of bumps – though it can be a bit too bouncy sometimes. It was definitely good to lock the fork while on pavement and smooth dirt.

The Aspect 55’s trigger shifters were smooth-shifting, and the range of gears was pretty standard for these days. Slowing down was easy with the disc brakes, though sometimes they could be a bit noisy.

How about the fun factor? You know you’ve enjoyed a bike when you take an extra moment to look at it before you return it at the end of the review period. And that’s exactly what I did with the Scott Aspect 55, taking a nice long glace at this trusty steed before sending it on its way.

The Verdict

With its light yet firm frame, trigger shifting, disc brakes and a nice front fork, the Scott Aspect 55 bike is a step up from entry-level mountain bikes, and is both quite capable and also a very fun ride.

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