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In my initial SE Stout Review I went over the components and appearance of the SE Stout 29er mountain bike.  Since then, I’ve had a chance to ride the Stout many more times, so now I’ll share my SE Stout riding review.

Since that first review the Stout has kind of become my go-to bike to hop on — riding with the kids, heading across town, doing some trail riding, etc.  The frame geometry of the Stout is really comfortable for me, and feels good on and off the road.  In addition to the upright riding position being right for me, I also found the saddle to be very comfortable.  I also like the sturdy platform pedals with metal pins that really give a solid grip on rubber-soled shoes.

SE Stout Single Speed 29er

The SE Stout Frame has just the right combination of stiffness and flexibility in the right places, and I really like how the Stout handles — it goes right where I want it to go.  Of course, since the SE Stout fork is rigid the bike can get a bit bouncy on rough surfaces, but that’s to be expected (and it isn’t as bouncy as I would have imagined).

The simplicity of the Stout’s single speed gearing is nice, and I found the gearing to be just right for me — allowing me to ride at a decent speed on the road, and still being pretty easy to ride up rain-soaked hills.  The nice thing about the SE Stout single-speed gearing is that there was nothing to go wrong in the snow or the mud, it just works.

Even for a bike that is a bit on the heavy side, climbing was easier than I expected.  Sure, on a big hill you have to work hard going up and you quickly max out going down (that is, you get moving faster than you can pedal to add speed), but if you are interested in a single-speed mountain bike I think that you will like the gearing on the SE Stout 29er.

I had no problems stopping the Stout pretty quickly, even in mud and snow, with the V-brakes that come standard.  The SE Stout’s frame and fork comes with tabs for mounting disc brakes, and the hubs are disc-ready also, so switching to disc brakes should be easy if you decide you want to change.

The Verdict
The SE Stout combines good looks and single speed simplicity with a tough frame and 29 inch tires to deliver a whole lot of fun at a great price for a 29er!  You can find more information about the Stout on the SE Bikes web site.

A muddy SE Stout - as it should be!

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