Serfas CP-500 Combo Light Set Review

Serfas CP-500 Combo Light Set

Serfas CP-500 Combo Light Set

The Serfas CP-500 Combo Light Set  is made especially for those that want to ride at night and need to illuminate the road ahead of them. In this set of lights is a white LED one for the front illumination and a second red LED so you can be visible at night to those that will be traveling faster than you on the road so they can clearly see you.

Both lights have an integrated silicone strap to mount it. This can be accomplished on the handlebars in the front and on the frame in the rear. These mounting straps are made with a quick release latch so you can also use them off the bike easily if necessary.

Each of the Serfas CP-500 lights is powered by 2 CR 2032 lithium batteries that are included with the set.  The modes in which the lights can operate under include steady high, steady low and flashing.  The battery life expectancy of each mode is different. The batteries can last up to 25 hours on the high steady mode. On the low steady mode they last up to 35 hours. In the flashing mode the lights can last up to 50 hours.

The Serfas CP-500 light set are made to help increase the safety level of your next bike adventure. Even in the day time they can be used to help others see you on the road. Click Here for More Serfas CP-500 Combo Light Set Reviews or to See Pricing.

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